Indoor and outdoor totem

Information and advertising totems for interiors and exteriors for public places. Ideal for public and private offices, companies, hotels, restaurants, meeting rooms, bars, shops, shopping centers, fairs


Outdoor and indoor advertising totems on Smarty Store

Outdoor advertising totems with ground base, ideal for installing in the driveways of public structures, as they are resistant to bad weather.

Outdoor totems are simple but effective tools for advertising. Their aim is not to go unnoticed, the structures tend upwards to be noticed. In fact, these outdoor information totems are ideal for transmitting a message to as many people as possible, just place them in a place of passage. In fact, they present themselves as printable columns with a ground base and are customizable products in shapes and colours to meet the needs of each customer.

Depending on their purpose, outdoor advertising totems are widely used at events, fairs and shows to illustrate products and services, to signal the presence of a business > or to define routes.

Choose from a wide range of outdoor and indoor information displays such as: single, double-sided and three-sided totems of various sizes. All products can be personalized with your own messages and indications.