Quadra series


Quadra Series, our new advertising displays at unbeatable prices

This brand new and exclusive series takes its name from the shape of the aluminum profiles used for the structures and the support bases, both square in shape. The Quadra Line is divided into two types: QUADRA20 and QUADRA30. The first has a square section of 20x20mm, while the second is 30x30mm.

All the uprights of these advertising displays have grooves on the four sides which allow for easier modularity and a higher level of customisation: it is in fact possible to add accessories such as catalog pockets , business card holders, panels printed with the company brand, up to larger panels with personalized front and back graphics.

Advertising Displays Quadra20 Series

The exclusive Quadra20 is used for standard displays, notice holders or catalog holders. The various displays are made with 20x20mm uprights and are perfect for shops and small commercial businesses in general also thanks to their very competitive cost.

Advertising Displays Quadra30 Series

Quadra30 is applied to display display solutions with a more robust structure and, therefore, suitable for more intensive uses within large shops and shopping centers with high customer foot traffic.

Quadra30 PRO series displays

In this case, the customer is free to choose to purchase the standard solution with 20×20 uprights and 25 frame frames. Or purchase the PRO solution with 30×30 uprights and 32 frame frames,in based on real exhibition needs.

The Quadra series advertising displays are shipped already semi-assembled, you will only have to fix the metal support base with the screws supplied and, in the case of catalog holders, the relevant plexiglass pockets.