Self-supporting single-sided snap frame 70×100 PRO

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Self-supporting single or double-sided structure with double upright in anodized aluminum with square section and 70×100 frame. Possibility to choose the type of customization of the exhibitor.

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Self-supporting single-sided snap frame 70×100 PRO

The 70×100 PRO snap-frame display unit is a floor structure that is part of the QUADRA SERIES line. Entirely made of aluminum, it is composed of a 70×100 snap-on frame for printed matter, double upright with square section (hence the name of the series) and a metal base painted with silver colored powders.

The PRO Line of the QUADRA SERIES is particularly suitable for more intensive use and on commercial activities with high pedestrian traffic. This new model has in fact uprights of 30×30 mm. and frames with 32 mm border. (only with round corners) instead of 25 mm. which make it more robust and stable.

Indication to present promotional messages or simply messages to present the direction to follow to reach offices and floors.It can be used in premises such as showrooms, supermarkets, meetings, conferences, company entrances and in any place where you need to exhibit the own message.

This display can be customized according to your needs to choose the configuration that best suits your needs at the time of purchase:

  • Self-supporting structure only;
  • Structure with printed forex panel;
  • With printed forex panel complete with A4 brochure holder pocket with removable divider (if you need to put 1/3 of A4 brochures). In case of purchase of a double-sided display, there will be two pockets (one on each side);
  • Only self-supporting structure with A4 brochure pocket with removable divider. In case of purchase of a double-sided display, there will be two pockets (one on each side);
    Another additional note is being able to choose in the order phase whether you want the display unit in the single-sided or double-sided version depending on the need to place it on a one-way or two-way passage.

Frame: frame 32 (profile width: 32 mm.).

Frame type: chromed round corner.

Snap frame in silver aluminum complete with anti-reflective PVC protection.

Square section anodized aluminum uprights: H 185- L 3 cm.

Square base in metal, electrostatic painted in silver color: L 42 cm. -H 0.6 cm. – P 42 cm.

ULTRA FLAT BASE: 6 mm thick.

Printed format: 70×100.

Visible area: 68 x 98 cm

Frame size: 73 x 103 cm.

Exhibitor dimensions: W 73 – H 185.6 – D 42

Display weight: approx. 14.1 Kg. For the single-sided version and approx. 16.80 Kg. For the double-sided version.

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