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SnapFrame -double faced, for shop window -Frame 25 , sharp angle - A1

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SnapFrame -anodized Aluminum-double faced, for shop window -sharp angle - format A1

(Cod. Artic.: STR-CRPS23)

(Cod. Ean: 0755899253067)

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Special double faced Snap Frame for glass, made to be put on shop window so that the message can be visible from both sides, inside and outside the shop.

Biadhesive tape for fixing on the inside of the window, and a special frame for the outside to hide the tape.

Format: A1.

Material: Anodized Aluminium.

Sharp angles.

Frame profile: frame 25mm.

Biadhesive tape on the back.

Transparent back.

Additional aliminium profile to apply on the outside of the glass with biadhesive tape.

Printout thickness: max 2 mm. circa.

Internal Dimensions: 574 x 821 mm.

Frame Dimensions: 625 x 872mm.


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