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“Tear drop” Flag display H 3.4-printing included

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“Tear drop” Flag display -printing included

(Cod. Artic.: STR-FLGD45)

(Cod. Ean: 0755899258260)

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81,00 € + IVA



”Flag” display, tear drop shaped

This advertising flag has a more robust structure and therefore more resistant over time. The 4 sections of the flexible rod have metal terminals for a more robust and stable graft.
The lower segment that is fixed to the support base (spike, cross base, ballast base, etc.), more exposed to stress, has a double metal core and the upper segment that points against the cloth, has the tip protected by a large rubber cap that avoids piercing the corner of the flag with the oscillations and movements produced by the wind.

Customized Printing included

Fiberglass structure

For indoor and outdoor

Ideal for P.o.S. and exhibitions

Suggested support: nautical fabric.

Dimensions graphic area cm. H 223 - L 110.

Weight: 0.6 Kg.

Usable bases: big X (STR-FLGB03) - - ballast (STR-FLGB04) -

Suggested accessories: Base for car wheels (STR-FLG/AUTO) - Ballast ring (STR-ZAV) - picket screw for snow (STR-PICC).





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